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The beginners guide to using your human design in everyday life!

You've had a human design Reading or you've done your own research and now what? What are you supposed to do with all of this amazing information? How do you integrate it into your life? How do you use it to make the changes that you want to make? I recently surveyed my wonderful Louisa B vips and one of the things they most wanted to know was how to use their human design in everyday life, so I’ve compiled 3 ways that you can begin to use your human design for the most benefit! Let's go!

If you seen any of my human design lives on Instagram you'll know that I'm always talking about strategy and authority, so strategy and authority is a great place to begin


Your strategy is how your soul or the universe communicates with you, so mastering your strategy is, for me, THE most important thing. Your human design strategy is your way of being in the world without resistance! How powerful is that! It is how you become your authentic self. If you can understand your human design strategy or even just remember to use it a little bit more each day, then you are going to be onto a winner! Use these journaling questions to help you

What is your strategy?

Where do I feel most in alignment with my strategy?

When do I most enjoy using my strategy?

When does it feel easiest to follow my strategy?

When does it feel most difficult to follow my strategy?

When do I most feel out of alignment with my strategy?

Do I have any resistance to following my strategy?

How can I begin to follow my strategy each day?

What do I need to do to remind myself to get back to my strategy each day? Reminders, alarms, post-it notes?

Spend a few moments at the end of each day writing down how you have followed your human design strategy each day and if you didn't follow your strategy, note down why you feel it didn't happen - remember no judgement! Perhaps you might notice a pattern of resistance. For example if each day you are writing down i didn't have time to follow my strategy then your self sabotaging pattern may be busyness.

Perhaps you could commit a day or weekend to just following your strategy! Have fun with it, it can be so joyous! This isn't meant to be hard, human design is a tool for your spiritual and personal development so we have to use it and experiment with it!

Your authority

In human design we do not use the mind to make decisions, we make decisions using our authority. Your authority is how you make decisions that are correct for you. This one is going to take a bit of practice because most of us are making decision using the mind, use these journaling questions to help to remember to use your authority when making decisions

My authority is……

What stops me from using my authority?

Where do I feel most in alignment with my authority?

When does it feel easiest to follow my authority?

When do I find it most difficult to use my authority?

When do I most feel out of alignment with my authority?

Do I have any resistance to following my authority?

How can I begin to follow my strategy authority a little more?

How can I begin to retire my mind from making decisions? Consider things like meditation to help you clear your find or find more focus, yoga, walking, grounding techniques or tuning into nature to get ‘out of your head’

What do I need to do to remind myself to get back to my authority each day? Reminders, alarms, post-it notes?

Remember your ego is going to want to pull you back to what is comfortable & familiar, just remember that isn't going to create change! I often say having a human design reading is great, but it’s what you do with it afterwards that creates transformation.

Your gifts & talents

The parts in your human design chart that are ‘coloured in’ are what is active for you in your chart. The thing that I go back to often when I am feeling out of alignment is my main gates. Your main gates can be found after your incarnation cross. There are 4 of them. If you have had a reading with me will have discussed these main gates. Remember the ego doesn't want you to recognise your gifts & talents which are usually so natural to you that you take them for granted. Perhaps there is a part of you that loves to compete and compare and doubt yourself. I have found by going back over these gates and recognising my gifts and talents it enables me to step more into a place of empowerment. Understanding these gates gives you permission to be more you, enter into a place of acceptance and honour what you came here to do! Use these journaling questions to help you step into your uniqueness! You’ll need to do some research on the internet as to what qualities these gates have if you haven't had a reading with me.

Where do I feel most in alignment with these gates?

Where in my life do I feel like I am not tapping into these gifts & talents?

Am I denying any of them? Am I resisting believing that I have any of these qualities?How does this benefit a part of you*

How can I embrace the qualities of these gates a little more each day?

Spend a moment in the energy of these gates, how does it feel to truly step into and embody the unique, positive qualities of these gates.

*Often when I ask my clients the question how does this benefit you (there’s a light and a shadow to everything) and it’s a negative thing they are doing, they say it doesn't benefit me! But it must benefit a part of you otherwise you wouldn't do it! For example if you have gate 53 - the gate of new beginnings and you are starting things that you don't like to do. The benefit of this to a part of you is quite probably that you’ve been brought up to do what other people want rather than what you want, so that benefits the part of you that believes that you have to please others over yourself.

There are many other ways you can use your human design chart for your personal development and spiritual growth. These are great starting points and even if you did nothing else but delve into your strategy & authority and begin to use it more every day then I'm pretty sure that you'll experience big changes! I know I did! When I started using my strategy more then lots of things changed for me, mainly things just flowed so much more easily! I’d love to know how you get on, leave a comment and let me know! For more human design, mindset and energy healing follow me on instagram @alignedbylouisab or CLICK HERE to sign up to the newsletter for weekly angel & crystal messages, human design, mindset and vibrational healing tips.

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