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In the moment that you can truly embrace your uniqueness, you are divine -Ra Uru Hu

I am SO excited you are here! As a qulaified human design reader (trained by Jenna Zoe) I have read hundreds of human design charts helping business owners understand how to use their energy to make things happen, to have more confidence in their abilities and get clear about how to increase their income without working 7 days a week!

I have witnessed countless ah-ha moments where entrepreneurs finally give themselves permission to do business their way, rather than beating themselves up and thinking there's something wrong with them. 


It's time to let go of preconceived ideas of what makes you successful and trying to do what other people say will make you successful. It's time to do it your way, the easier way, your UNIQUE way! Woo-hoo!


 Let's get you started - Step 1, book your human design reading below.

Step 2 - Already had a reading but want to know how to put all the information to good use?

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Human design helps you connect to your unique strengths, gifts, talents and shows you your unique way of using energy in the world so you can find more flow, ease & abundance!

What do I cover in a human design reading?

  • Firstly I begin with talking about what it is to be your type (manifesting generator, generator, projector, manifestos or reflector) 

  • Your strategy & authority - how to use your energy in the world & how to make decisions. 

  • The energy centres, paying attention to any white or undefined centres and what this means for you. 

  • Your profile, 

  • The main gates & channels in your chart, these are your natural gifts & talents. 

Human design readings

The 4 transformations 


Human design

A four transformations reading is for you if you have already had a human design reading and would like to delver deeper into your chart. The 4 transformations is based on the 4 arrows (called variables) around the head area of your chart.  Knowing the information found in these 4 arrows helps you to step into your zone of genius. 

What do I cover in a 4 transformations reading?

  • Digestion - Feed the brain in a way that is right for you

  • Environment - Putting yourself in the right places, where are those places?

  • Perspective - Seeing through the correct perspective

  • Motivation -  Being motivated by the correct things 

  • Incarnation cross - What you came here to do in this lifetime

If you are following the 4 transformations then the correct opportunities will present themselves to you. It's like finding ultimate flow, now more trying or forcing, all the things that you're meant to be doing will be more synchronistic.

Human Design for Business Growth


Human design has helped me create alignment in my business in so many ways! I had my best year EVER in my business last year (2023) and I'd love to share with you how you can create aligned  business growth. 

Want a sneak peak on some of the things we will cover? watch this video

In this reading we will cover

  • How you can use your human design strategy & authority to help you to allow the things that are meant to come to you, to come to you!

  • Creating aligned sales

  • Discover if you are meant to be focused, consistent, strategic & disciplined in your business

  • The defined centres and how they affect your business growth

  • Your undefined centres and how they affect your business growth

I'll be honest there are way more things we could cover, these are just a few but we only have an hour!


Want more support CLICK HERE to check out the 6 week grow your business with human design course or CLICK HERE to check out my 1-2-1 human design business coaching packages. 

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