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Hi there! I'm Louise Howard, but you can call me Louisa! (Louisa B was my great Grandma)

The journey into spirituality began for me over a decade ago during a challenging period of ill health and struggles with an eating disorder. A colleague at work introduced me to a book about angels and also happened to be a Reiki master. Intrigued, I delved into the world of Reiki, receiving a treatment that would transform my life.

As I embarked on this spiritual journey, I came to realise my own power as the creator of my reality. With this understanding, I set out to craft a new, healthier, and more empowered life for myself. I prioritised my well-being, regained my strength, left my corporate job, and embarked on a path of entrepreneurship, creating my own line of aromatherapy products. Along the way, I pursued training in various healing modalities, including Reiki, crystal healing, holistic coaching, and human design.

Now, I'm here to guide you on your own journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Using the wisdom of human design, coaching and energy healing, I support you in uncovering your true self so that you can step into your fullest potential and create the business of your dreams. Together, we'll tap into your unique gifts and talents, clear away any energy blockages, and harness your energy for greater ease and flow.

You are incredible, with gifts and talents that are entirely your own. Yet, at times, you may find yourself feeling held back, confused, or stuck in a cycle of uncertainty. My role is to help you break free from these limitations. Through human design, we'll peel away the layers of conditioning that are not authentically you, while energy healing works to release any energetic blocks standing in your way.

I understand the yearning you feel to step into your purpose, to serve others doing what you love, and to break free from feelings of stagnation and confusion. It's time to gain clarity, embrace your inner power, and create an abundant business and life on your terms, in a way that is uniquely yours.

Aligned by Louisa B
White Plants

Meet Louise

Louisa B Apothecary

About Louise

Human design type - Manifesting generator

Profile - 5/1

Favourite holistic treatment - Crystal healing

Lover of - meditation, crystals, dogs.

Star sign- Cancer

Very likely to be. - Eating, changing my mind, working     

Favourite crystal - At the moment it's rhodochrosite but that may change! 

Lives - Ormskirk, UK

Before I started my business - I Spent 20 years in the travel industry in many roles. I'm an ex cabin crew member for Virgin and British Airways


"It feels so good to have this clarity and understanding"

"I just had my Human Design Reading with Louise and it was incredibly helpful and eye opening. I’m a Human Design Newbie and wanted to understand how I can leverage my HD type’s strengths and weaknesses specifically for my business. Louise made me realise that I was forcing certain things that aren’t aligned with my HD type and I’m effectively wasting my energy. I learned what to focus on instead and it feels so good to have this clarity and understanding now. I now know how I want to move forward in my business and feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you again for this amazing reading Louise!" 
-Charlotte Ripke 

Human design

"Now I have the tools to be the best version of me"

"I booked a human design reading with Louise because I felt drawn to understand more about myself. After my reading I have realised that I am me. It’s ok to be me, I can’t change me but now I have the tools to be the best version of me. Knowing who I am helps me understand how to embrace it, instead of fighting it as a weakness - I’ve taken what I thought were my weaknesses and made them strengths. Thank you so much!"
​-Karen from @goodbrand

"In a short space of time I feel transformed"

​-"I have been working with Louise for the past 3 months.  Before starting my sessions I was very stressed, anxious, overwhelmed with home/work/studying and I felt like my ‘bucket’ was totally overflowing. I didn’t know how to deal with all these feelings.

I discussed how I was feeling with Louise at the chaos to calm consultation and I was open to any help and support Louise could give me.

Louise is lovely and I feel comfortable opening up to her. I have found Louise to be very understanding and she has shown empathy and compassion when speaking to me.  She has also given me some excellent advice which has been valuable over the past few months.

I have had 6 reflexology sessions with Louise so far and I have just started the yoga sessions.  In a short space of time I feel transformed.  If I feel overwhelmed or anxious I can bring myself out of it through techniques Louise has shown me. Overall I am more positive and I am learning how to take time out for myself. 

​I am going to continue with the reflexology sessions and the yoga and hopefully explore other therapies that are offered. Thank you so much Louise” - Kirsten

"Louis's calm sensitive manner worked a minor miracle for me in less than  8weeks" 

"When I came for consultation I was in a state of panic, I wasn't even sure that I would be able to attend the sessions. In the 12months prior to my first session 4 members of my family had been seriously unwell and then I was given a very scary diagnosis myself. At this point I felt barely able to breathe, I couldn't sleep, and didn't want to interact with anyone. I felt as if my brain was in a fog.

I was worried that relaxation would be impossible and that I may have a panic attack.

Following my initial session, I went home and slept and found I was looking forward to my next session. Each session has been adapted to how I feel on that day. The improvement in how I feel has been amazing. The dim lighting, lovely smells and Louise's calm sensitive manner has worked a minor miracle for me in less than 8weeks.

I feel like me again, but chilled!" - Sue

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