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How to Do Less and Earn More in Your Business Using Human Design

Updated: Jun 14

Human Design is a system that combines astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, the chakra system, and quantum physics to provide a comprehensive blueprint of your energetic makeup. It reveals your natural strengths, decision-making processes, and how you interact with the world. At the core of human design are your strategy and authority, which guide you in making aligned decisions and taking actions that are in harmony with your true self.

My personal journey of following my human design strategy (I'm a manifesting generator) has led me to take actions in my business that don't make sense to my mind but have led me to do less and earn more—who doesn't want that? I have let go of the things in my business that don't light me up and focused more on what does light me up, it's so very simple! In this blog, I share how you can do the same by following your human design strategy.

The Five Human Design Types and Their Strategies

Each human design type has a unique strategy that helps them align with their energy and reduce resistance in their lives and businesses. Here’s how you can use your strategy to do less and earn more:

Manifestors: Inform Before Acting

Strategy: Inform before you initiate actions.

Explanation: Manifestors are natural initiators, but they often face resistance when others feel left out of the loop. By informing those around you of your intentions before taking action, you create smoother interactions and reduce friction. This not only saves you time and energy but also garners support for your initiatives, leading to more effective and impactful efforts.

How to apply:

  • Follow your urges, and before launching a new project or making a significant decision, communicate your plans to your team, clients, or partners.

  • Use your initiating energy (your urges) to start high-impact projects that align with your vision, then delegate or collaborate to maintain momentum. NOTE: Your energy will come in fits and starts, so don't get caught up in doing it all the time.

Generators: Respond to Life’s Invitations

Strategy: Wait to respond to external stimuli.

Explanation: Generators have a powerful sacral energy that drives their work, but they thrive best when they respond to what life brings them rather than initiating. Waiting to respond ensures that your actions are energetically aligned and sustainable.

How to apply:

  • Focus on what lights you up and brings you joy. Pay attention to opportunities that come your way and notice how your body responds.

  • When making decisions, wait for a gut response of "uh-huh" (yes) or "uh-uh" (no) to ensure you’re acting in alignment with your sacral energy. NOTE Clearing out the no's—things you don't like doing in your business—will begin to free up your energy so the yeses can land.

Manifesting Generators: Respond and Inform

Strategy: Wait to respond and inform others before acting.

Explanation: Manifesting generators, like generators, need to respond to life’s cues. Additionally, informing others before taking action helps streamline their multi-faceted energy and prevent resistance.

How to apply:

  • Embrace your multi-tasking nature, but wait for a clear sacral yes response before diving into new projects. Letting go of the things that don't light you up clears your energy field so you can attract the things that are meant to come to you.

  • Once you’ve decided to move forward, inform those affected by your actions to keep communication clear and reduce friction. NOTE It's ok to change your mind or have a period of trying something out before committing.

Projectors: Wait for Recognition and Invitations

Strategy: Wait to be invited and recognised for your insights.

Explanation: Projectors have a unique ability to guide and manage others, but their success hinges on being recognised and invited for their wisdom. By waiting for invitations, projectors can conserve their energy and apply their talents where they are truly valued.

How to apply:

  • Focus on honing your skills and sharing your knowledge where it’s appreciated. Engage in activities that make you visible and showcase your expertise.

  • Trust that the right invitations will come when you’re aligned with your purpose. Say yes to invitations that feel energetically correct and fulfilling. NOTE Work on recognising yourself as being great at what you do. You are a guide; how do you guide people? Who are your ideal clients? When you recognise yourself, others will recognise you, and the invitations will come.

Reflectors: Wait for a Full Lunar Cycle

Strategy: Wait 28 days (a full lunar cycle) before making major decisions.

Explanation: Reflectors are highly sensitive to their environment and need time to reflect on significant decisions. By waiting for a full lunar cycle, reflectors can gain clarity and ensure their decisions are in harmony with their surroundings.

How to apply:

  • When faced with major business decisions, give yourself time to reflect and observe how you feel over a lunar month.

  • Surround yourself with positive and supportive environments that allow your true nature to flourish. NOTE The correct environment is crucial to reflectors; are you in the right environment? You'll know by how you feel.

Leveraging Authority for Better Decision-Making

In addition to strategy, your human design authority helps you make decisions that are aligned with your true self. Each type has different authorities, such as emotional, sacral, splenic, ego, self-projected, environmental, or lunar. Understanding and following your authority can guide you to make decisions that are energetically correct, reducing stress and increasing flow in your business.

Practical Steps to Implement Human Design in Your Business

  1. Understand Your Design: Get your human design chart and study your type, strategy, and authority. Need help with this? Click here to take a human design reading.

  2. Experiment and reflect: Start applying your strategy and authority to small decisions and observe the outcomes. Reflect on how aligning with your design feels and the results it brings.

  3. Create Aligned Structures: Design your business processes and workflows around your natural strengths. For example, if you’re a generator, create systems that allow you to respond to tasks rather than initiate them.

  4. Delegate and Collaborate: Use your understanding of human design to build a team that complements your energy. Delegate tasks that drain you and collaborate with those whose strengths align with your needs.

  5. Stay Patient and Trust the Process: Shifting from a hustle mentality to an aligned approach takes time. Trust that by following your strategy and authority, you’ll attract the right opportunities and resources with less effort.

I cannot stress this enough—following your strategy and authority in your design is key! I have so many examples where I've responded to my own response (usually by letting go of something that no longer lit me up but I thought I'should' be doing in my business) only for it to free up my time and allow me to focus on something that I loved that was easier and made me way more money!

By embracing your human design, perhaps you can do the same! You can work in harmony with your natural energy, reduce resistance, and create a business that is both fulfilling and prosperous and doesn't lead to burnout! Do less, earn more, and thrive by aligning with your true self. Need help letting go of hustle, doing less and earning more, and implementing human design into your business? Click here to check out my human design coaching programmes or CLICK HERE to book a human design reading

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