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Harnessing Human Design's Money Gates in Your Business

Updated: Jun 14

In Human Design, certain gates are associated with financial prosperity and the ability to attract and manage wealth. These "money gates" play a significant role in how individuals perceive, generate, and handle money. Understanding and leveraging these gates can be a powerful tool for business owners looking to enhance their financial success. Don't have any of these gates? Don't worry, we can all create financial abundance in our own way, there will be other aspects of your chart that you can lean into to create abundance!

Key Money Gates in Human Design

  1. Gate 14 The gate of prosperity

  • Location: Sacral Center

  • Description: Gate 14 is all about power, skills, and the ability to create wealth through work that you are passionate about. When this gate is active, it can drive you to pursue their talents and skills to generate income. It signifies the power to attract resources through engaging in meaningful work that you love!

  1. Gate 55 The gate of abundance

  • Location: Solar plexus

  • Description: Gate 55 is all about emotions and you are brimming with them! Your swing from highs to lows. Honour all of your feelings. There is an eotional Ideopth to you and these emotional cycles can lead to profound transformation for you. In the darkest of times you can find your greatest creativity, your moods can be the doorway to great things. Music or sounds may be a great soother for you.

  1. Gate 45 The gate of gathering together

  • Location: Throat Center

  • Description: Gate 45 is the gate of the 'Gatherer' and it represents the ability to gather and direct resources. This gate is linked with leadership and the capacity to attract and allocate resources efficiently. It's about being the voice of direction and knowing how to channel resources for collective prosperity. You have the capacity to generate great wealth or help others increase their wealth by providing financial education.

  1. Gate 2 The gate of receptivity.

  • Location: G Center

  • Description: Not necessarily one of the money gates but an important one to lean into if you are a business owner. Gate 2 is known for providing direction and purpose, which are crucial for creating a path to wealth. This gate helps individuals align their resources and actions with their true purpose, ensuring that their efforts in generating income are in harmony with their life's direction.

  1. Gate 26 The gate of accumulation,

  • Location: Heart/Will Center

  • Description: Gate 26 is associated with sales, persuasion, and the ability to market oneself or one's products effectively. It's about the knack for turning opportunities into tangible financial gains through negotiation and strategic influence. Stature is importnat to you, you want to make things better and being persuasive comes easily to you. be sure you find a balance between soul desires andf ego trips!

Understanding your unique strengths and leveraging them can make a significant difference when looking to increase your income. If you have any of these gates ask yourself these questions:

  • Where in my business can I embrace the gift of this gate? (sales, marketing, contect creation?)

  • What steps can I take to lean more into the energy of this gate?

  • What would i do differently in my business knowing I have this gift?

Human Design offers a powerful framework for recognising and utilising your innate gifts, By understanding these gates and how they function within your Human Design chart, you can optimise your approach to increasing your income.

Ready to unlock your financial potential with Human Design? Schedule a personalised Human Design reading today to discover your unique money gates (and so much more!) start transforming your business and increasing your income. Embrace your design, harness your strengths, and watch your business thrive! CLICK HERE to book a human design reading!

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