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Grow your business with human design
6 week coaching programme 

Learn how to use your human design to awaken your potential and grow your business (without working 7 days a week)
Human design

I'll help you create an aligned abundant business

In this programme I share everything I know about human design, holistic coaching and energy healing, because running a business can seem confusing, hard and messy, when it doesn't need to be that way for you!

Ready to increase your income? Find clarity and direction? Have more confidence in yourself? If so them this 6 week coaching programme si for you!

What is it?


A 6 week coaching programme that includes


6 x weekly 90 minute coaching calls via zoom

Facebook group for support & connection with a weekly Q&A

In this programme you will

  • Learn how to do business YOUR way, one that feels good and aligned to you, no more doing marketing that doesn't feel good to you or sales techniques that feel icky!

  • Learn how to create more income in your business, no more forcing, pushing and feeling like you’re not getting anywhere.

  • Have more confidence in your abilities, gift & talents. 

  • Learn how to use your energy in your business to make things happen, easily!

  • Learn how to make aligned decisions in your business

  • Learn how to clear and align your energy for success. 

  • Release any energy blockages with an energy healing session.

The next course starts see! Want to be on the waitlist? Fill in the form at the bottom of the page 

Investment £450

Who is it for?

Human design

This 6 week journey is for you are a heart centered business owner who is ready to....


  • Make more money in your business and help more people doing what you love without working 7 days a week. 

  • Learn how to do business in your own unique way - NO more doing marketing or sales strategies that feel icky & don’t feel right for you.

  • Delve into your human design, learn how to use your energy, make decisions and tune into your unique gifts and talents and learn how to leverage it in your business.

  • Release energy blocks that may be holding you back.

  • Strengthen your mindset about how amazing you are as well as your products and offerings.

  • Have more confidence in yourself and understand your natural gifts & talents that you are meant to share with the world. 

  • Receive more money, opportunities, ease & flow in their business.

  • Understand yourself better so that you can grow personally & spiritually as well as in your business.

Who is it NOT for?

This programme is not for you if you......


  • Don't want to grow your business and want to keep doing what you're doing and getting the same results 

  • Are not open to doing things differently

  • Want to keep doing things in your business that just don't feel good to you but you think that's how you should be doing things and you want to stick to that.

  • Don't want to break old habits.

  • Are happy to struggle and keep doing the same thing even though it’s not working.

  • Don't want to work on their energy blocks.

  • Are not open to growth, both personally, spiritally  and in their business.

Human design

What's included?

Week 1

In the first week of the course you will uncover your human design business blueprint. Learn how your human design type does business and learn how to use your strategy to gain more clients.


This class includes journaling questions to help you uncover where you are already in alignment with this blueprint and where you are out of alignment with the blueprint. It’s time to start growing your business in your unique way with much more ease & flow!

In the Facebook group this week

  • Welcome and introductions.

  • Participants share their initial insights from the coaching call.

  • Set intentions for the program.

  • Weekly check-in thread for ongoing support.

Week 2

This week we will be focusing on your unique gifts & talents and looking at where you can embrace and use them even more in your business so that you can feel more aligned and ‘on purpose’.

Often our gifts & talents come so naturally that we don’t really see them as gifts so we dismiss them. By understanding your purpose on this earth in this lifetime you can shine your light more brightly! To end the session there will be a deep healing crystal meditation to help you embrace your gifts & purpose and shine your light even brighter than before!

In the Facebook group this week:

  • Group sharing: How have you embraced your gifts & talents so far?

  • Participants share personal strategies and successes.

  • Peer support and accountability.

  • Weekly check-in thread for continued support.

Week 3

This week's class will focus on the fears of the spleen, you will look at your activated gates in the spleen centre and their associated fears. We will then look at what fear is and you will create a personalised strategy for overcoming fear when it arises so that you can ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’. Time to stop letting fear hold you back!

In the Facebook group this week:

  • Group brainstorming session for overcoming fears.

  • Participants share personal strategies and successes.

  • Peer support and accountability.

  • Weekly check-in thread for continued support.

This is clearing blocks week! This week you will be introduced to energy healing, and identifying any energy block that you may have to grow your business or receive more money. Then Louise will be guiding you through a powerful energy healing session. You'll also leave with some tips for cleansing your energy and space to use as you move forward.

In the Facebook group this week:

  • BONUS abundance activation meditation.

  • Participants share experiences and breakthroughs.

  • Tips for ongoing energy maintenance.

  • Weekly check-in thread for continued support.

Week 4

Week 5

This week is all about your mindset! You'll dig into what you believe to be true about yourself and your products are services, because yes you are worthy to have what you desire but sometimes part of you holds you back. Journaling sessions and group discussions will help shift any limiting beliefs and replace them with new empowering ones that will help you move forward with ease!

In the Facebook group this week:

  • Group brainstorming session for overcoming challenges.

  • Share personal strategies and successes.

  • Peer support and accountability.

  • Weekly check-in thread for continued support.

In this our final week you will integrate all that you have learned and set some goals (or not!) depending on if you are strategic or non strategic. You will have time to reflect on the journey so far and share your successes or breakthroughs. We will also discuss how you can use what you have learnt moving forward and  create a personalised action plan.

In the Facebook group this week:

  • Celebration of achievements.

  • Future goals and aspirations.

  • Closing remarks and resources for ongoing support.

Week 6


A 6 week transformational journey

Human design coaching

As this is a new training I have a super low price for you!

The reason for this is I want to fully invest my time in supporting you during this 6 week programme and it may be one of only a few times that I run the course in person as my intention is to turn it into an online programme. 

The investment for this course is £450

The next 6 week course starts soon! Fill in the form at the bottom of the page to be on the waitlist and be the first to find out!!


"Week after week I was having epiphany after epiphany"

"I can't thank Louise enough for her human design course it's helped me so much, I've absolutely loved it and I would recommend it to anybody who's looking for clarity & confidence in their business about their direction and about how they can do things in a way that feels authentic to them." Rachel @scentsofthewild

Listen to the full testimonial here!

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Aligned by Louisa B, Ormskirk, Lancashire

Tel: 07966688465

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