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A stunning crystal with a beautiful red colour and destinctive stripes. Red striped agate is renowned for its striking bands of red, this crystal is a testament to the raw beauty and captivating patterns found in nature. Harness its grounding energy and embrace the passionate vitality it radiates


Key Features:


Striped Red Agate is distinguished by its bold bands of red, symbolizing passion, vitality, and the dynamic forces of nature. The rich, fiery hues evoke a sense of warmth and invigoration.


Grounding Energy:

Embrace the grounding energy of Striped Red Agate, which anchors you to the Earth's stabilizing forces. Its presence encourages a sense of balance, making it an ideal companion for those seeking stability and strength in their journey.


Passion and Creativity:

The passionate energy of Striped Red Agate extends to creative endeavors. Whether you're an artist, writer, or creator, this crystal inspires you to infuse your projects with the vibrant and dynamic spirit of creativity.



Striped Red Agate resonates with harmonious vitality, fostering a connection between your physical and energetic bodies. It encourages you to embrace life with passion, enthusiasm, and a deep appreciation for the vitality within.


Crystals are approx 50mm

Striped Agate Galet Crystal

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