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Angela card reading

Distance Healing

Sometimes in life everything feels like a bit of a struggle, you feel confused or frustrated, not sure which direction to go in and feel like you're just not getting anywhere! 

Perhaps you would like to create more abundance in your life but no matter how many manifesting practices you try or how hard you work nothing seems to be happening.

I LOVE working with heart centred business owners to help them release any energetic blocks they have to creating their dream life & business.

Reiki & crystal healing are incredible ways to help your release old patterns, make conscious any subconscious blocks so that you can clear them or find that clarity you need so you can take the next steps froward. An angel card reading can answer any questions you may have and give you some reassurance you are on the right path, get some guidance from your spiritual team!

I can't wait to help you create your dream life & business 

Distance healing

Distance reiki

Even though we may be physically apart, the healing energy knows no boundaries. Through this profound practice, you can experience the powerful benefits of Reiki from the comfort of your own space.

As I channel reiki universal life force energy, you will feel waves of relaxation, stress reduction, and a restoration of balance throughout your mind, body, and spirit.


Distance Reiki Healing transcends time and space, offering you an opportunity to heal, rejuvenate, and find solace. Whether you seek to remove block to success or abundance,release emotional blocks, or simply find a sense of peace & calm, Distance Reiki Healing is a pathway to clarity, renewal, and a clearer path forwards.


Embrace the limitless healing energy and embark on a journey towards more ease & flow

45 minutes £45

Sessions are held via zoom

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Crystal distance healoing

Distance crystal healing

Despite being physically apart, the energy of crystals knows no bounds. Having a distance healing session is just the same as if you are with me in person. 

We will meet on zoom and have a chat about your intention for the session, then you'll find a quiet space to lie down & rest while Louise performs the healing session, when the session has finished we then chat again on zoom and Louise will share anything that came up during the session.


Whether you are looking to remove blocks to success in your business, find clarity & direction or create more abundance in your life crystals are an incredible ally. 


Distance Crystal Healing offers a transformative journey of healing and self-discovery. Embrace the infinite possibilities of crystal energy and unlock a pathway to profound transformation, wherever you may be in the world.

£45 for 45 minutes

Sessions are held via zoom

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Angel card reading

Angel card reading

Total Chakra Alignment

I have used angel cards for guidance for myself and clients for many years. I have always felt their messages to be deeply comforting and inspiring. 

I use angel oracle cards to channel messages and provide you with insights, clarity, and inspiration. Each card holds a unique vibration, offering guidance for your life's journey.


Whether you seek answers to specific questions, spiritual guidance, or a deeper connection with your higher self, Angel Card Readings illuminate the path ahead, instilling hope, confidence, and a renewed sense of purpose. Embrace the messages from your angels and embark on a transformative experience that will leave you uplifted, empowered, and ready to embrace the miracles that await you.

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30 minutes £35

Sessions are via zoom

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Chakra alignment

I am so excited to announce a new treatment!

This total chakra alignment session is a blend of aromatherapy, crystal healing & reiki aimed to create complete energy alignment so that you can feel balanced, in alignment and able to welcome more ease, flow and clarity.


Hop onto the heated massage table and get comfortable! Firstly your aura will be cleansed using a unique blend of essential oils created to balance all of the chakras. Then, not only the main seven chakras will be balanced using crystals, but also the earth star, core, higher heart, causal, soul star and stellar gateway chakras. To end the session reiki is used to integrate and balance these new energies. 

Leave feeling clear, calm and in energetic alignment!!

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Special introductory offer - 60 Minutes £50

Session is via zoom

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How your session works

Distance & online sessions are available on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

You will receive a zoom link with your confirmation email.

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