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What is a sacred space and why is it so important?

A sacred space is a space in your home that supports your meditation, yoga or other spiritual practices. It is a space that whenever you step into it you know that it is just for you. A calming space where you can embrace wholeheartedly all of your woo-wooness. It is your sanctuary, a place where you honour yourself, a place to connect to spirit, manifest your dreams, read your affirmations, write in your journal or pull some angel cards.

Now don't worry you don't have to transform a whole room, although you can if you want! Your sacred space could be a corner of your room, for me, it's my bedroom but it could just as easily be a favourite chair, perhaps a spare room. Ask yourself are there any quiet places or corners of your house that you are not using? Pick a space that feels right to you. Once you've found your space here are 10 ways for you to create your sacred space.

Pillows & cushions

To make your sacred pace comfortable you can use cushions or perhaps a meditation pillow. Take time to choose things that feel beautiful to you and make you feel cherished.


Crystals are a great addition to a sacred space, choose whichever crystals feel good to you. Some suggestions to create calm in your sacred space are, amethyst, selenite, clear quartz or rose quartz. Shop the crystal cavern here

God box

This is something that sits on my altar in my sacred space. I call it my god box, I write down the things that I'd like to manifest and add it to my God box. I had it made by a wonderful maker on Instagram, it has butterflies on it. If ever I need a sign from the universe I ask for butterflies! All you need to do is choose a box and write down the things you are manifesting eg. I am so happy & excited now that I have.........” It's how I surrender my desires to the universe.

Incense or essential oils

Scents are very important to me in my sacred space. I love to use mothers India incense, or I create an essential oil blend to support however I'm feeling. Lavender & frankincense are my favourites at the moment, lavender for calm and frankincense to clear the mind and aid meditation. Try either Bach flower remedies or smudge sprays.

Flowers or plants

I love to add flowers or plants to my sacred space! Choose the plants or flowers that you love.


Are a great addition to your sacred space, not only because you can choose scents that delight the senses but as you light the candle you can set an intention. I love to use lighting a candles as an intention to connect to the light within, you could also do candle gazing meditation (focusing on the flame of the candle). Shop our aromatherapy candles here

Angel cards

Always great to have handy, ask a question and see what the cards say.

Journals/meditation books/gratitude journal/books

Your sacred space is the perfect place to reflect and journal, every morning I pull out my manifesting journal and say my affirmations out loud and script my day ahead. I have a notebook to jot down any ideas that have popped into my mind during meditation. You could write out your affirmations or read, have your spiritual or personal development books to hand or magazines with pictures that inspire you.

Smudge spray

You could use a smudge stick or palo santo to cleanse & clear the energy in and around your scared space, of course I use our smudge energy cleansing spray, Click here to get our smudge energy cleansing spray!

Singing bowl/bells

Singing bowls or bells are another way to clear the energy and help you to relax.

So there you have it!

Have fun creating your space and enjoy spending time there.

​Try and spend time there every day.

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