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This beautiful gift set contains a full size soap bar, a natural sisal soap bag and a mini bag of bath salts! You can choose which salts and soap you'd like in the set!


Popping your soap into a sisal soap bag helps it to last longer (hang it up and dry your soap bar between uses) it enhances the lovely soft lather and gives a gentle exfoliation to the skin.


Bathing with salts has numerous benefits and with the addition of essential oils there's and extra healing benefits. Choose from calm, women's blend, muscle ease, sleep or aura cleansing. 


Net weight min of a full size soap is 100g (our soaps are usually between 100-115g)


Our soaps are free from any animal products, synthetic fragrances (perfumes) synthetic colourants or preservatives.


Made by the cold process method



Natural & handcrafted

Made with natural essential oils 

Rich creamy lather

Skin conditioning clays

Free from synthetic fragrances or preservatives

Soap, salts & sisal bag gift set

SKU: 126351351935