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Unearth the radiant energy of Pyrite crystal, often referred to as "Fool's Gold," and discover the wealth of wisdom it brings to your spiritual and material realms. With its golden luster resembling precious metal, Pyrite is more than a pretty crystal; it is a powerhouse of confidence, abundance, and protective energies.


Key Features:

Abundance Manifestation:

Pyrite is a symbol of prosperity and abundance, inviting the energies of wealth and success into your life. It stimulates the manifestation of financial opportunities and encourages a mindset of abundance and prosperity.


Confidence and Willpower:

Harness the bold and assertive energies of Pyrite to boost self-confidence and willpower. This crystal empowers you to overcome challenges, take decisive actions, and stand firm in your pursuits with unwavering determination.


Protection and Shielding:

Pyrite acts as a protective shield, deflecting negative energies and promoting a strong, resilient aura. Whether in your personal or professional life, Pyrite guards against energetic intrusions and keeps your energetic boundaries intact.


Vitality and Energy Boost:

Experience a revitalizing energy boost with Pyrite. Its vibrant energy infuses you with vitality, enhances physical stamina, and provides the motivation needed to accomplish tasks with enthusiasm.


Spiritual Grounding:

While Pyrite is associated with the energies of the Earth element, it also aids in spiritual grounding. It assists in bridging the gap between the earthly and spiritual realms, allowing for a balanced and grounded approach to spiritual practices.


these pieces are failry large and weigh a min of 220g

Pyrite Crystal

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