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Each piece of petrified wood is a relic of ancient forests, where wood has transformed over millions of years into solid stone.


Petrified wood instills a sense of belonging. It gently reminds you of the cycles of life and helps you to embrace change. 


It can link the mind to the past and unlock past life experiences which may be holding you back and help bring resolution and closure to repetitive, unproductive patterns.


Petrified wood helps you let go of anything in the past - trauma or mental programming. It supports the soul during the challenges of spiritual growth, it helps you peel back the layers of what no longer serves you whilst keeping what does.


A calming stone, it helps you worry less and helps you accept what you cannot change.


It is good for those who are grieving or lonely.


Also good for balancing the blood pressure, the immune system, joints, muscles, bones and the lungs, may help disturbed sleep patterns, chronic fatigue and recovery from serious illness


Hearts are approx 25-30mm


Petrified wood heart

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