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Introducing our Muscle & Joint Ease Gift Set, a soothing and rejuvenating experience designed to ease discomfort and promote relaxation. 🌿💆‍♂️


🌼 Muscle Ease Balm: Crafted with care, our Muscle Ease Balm is a natural powerhouse. Formulated with the potent healing properties of Arnica, Comfrey, Neem oils, and a harmonious blend of essential oils, it's your go-to solution for relaxing the muscles and fostering a sense of well-being. Simply apply and let the soothing magic unfold.


🛁 Muscle & Joint Ease Bath Salts: Dive into tranquility with our Muscle & Joint Ease Bath Salts. These muscle & joint ease bath salts contains a relaxing blend of therapeutic salts infused with the same calming essential oils found in our balm. Add a handful to your bathwater, and let the tension melt away as you soak.


Whether you're an active soul seeking post-workout relief or yearning for moments of pure relaxation our Muscle & Joint Ease Balm Gift Set has got you covered. It's the perfect self-care treat or a thoughtful gift for a loved one in need of a little TLC.


Embrace the healing power of nature, and experience the soothing relief of our Muscle & Joint Ease Balm Gift Set.


Set contains 1 x 50ml jar of muscle balm and a 90g bag of bath salts 

Muscle and Joint Ease Gift Set

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