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The Merkaba, also known as the "chariot of light," is a sacred geometric symbol that holds profound spiritual significance and serves as a vessel for divine energy.


The Merkaba shape consists of two interlocking tetrahedrons, one pointing upwards and the other pointing downwards. This three-dimensional star-shaped configuration represents the merging of opposites and the harmonious union of the spiritual and physical realms. It is said to symbolize the integration of the divine masculine and feminine energies within us.


Merkaba crystals harness the energy and symbolism of this sacred shape, acting as a potent tool for spiritual transformation, protection, and ascension. They are believed to amplify our connection to higher realms, facilitating access to higher consciousness and spiritual wisdom.


Working with a Merkaba-shaped crystal can enhance meditation practices, energy healing work, and spiritual journeys. It is said to activate and strengthen the energy centers in the body, promoting balance, harmony, and alignment. The Merkaba shape helps to create a protective energetic field around the individual, shielding them from negative influences and enhancing their auric field.


Merkaba crystals are often used to facilitate astral travel, lucid dreaming, and deep spiritual exploration. They assist in expanding awareness, connecting with higher dimensions, and experiencing heightened states of consciousness. The Merkaba shape is believed to facilitate the activation of dormant spiritual gifts and accelerate one's spiritual evolution.


Choose from green aventurine, clear quartz or trolleite


Stones are approx 2cm

Merkaba Crystals

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£6.38Sale Price
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