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Step into the realm of ancient wisdom with Lemurian Quartz Crystal Points, sacred treasures that carry the whispers of an ancient civilization. Characterised by distinct horizontal striations and a unique energy signature, these crystals are believed to be repositories of Lemurian knowledge and cosmic consciousness.


Each Lemurian Crystal Point serves as a bridge between the past and present, connecting seekers with the timeless teachings of a bygone era.



Divine Wisdom Activation:

Lemurian Quartz Crystal Points are revered for their role in activating divine wisdom and higher consciousness. They serve as conduits for accessing the knowledge of the Lemurian civilization, promoting spiritual growth and enlightenment.


Chakra Alignment:

When used in meditation, Lemurian Crystal Points assist in aligning and balancing the chakra system. Their unique striations are said to act as energetic pathways, allowing for the free flow of energy throughout the body.


Soul Retrieval and Healing:

Lemurian Crystals are often associated with soul retrieval and deep emotional healing. They guide individuals in reconnecting with lost aspects of themselves, facilitating profound healing on a soul level.


Spiritual Connection:

These crystals serve as powerful tools for establishing a deeper connection with higher spiritual realms. Meditating with a Lemurian Crystal Point can open channels for communication with spirit guides, angels, and other benevolent entities.


Manifestation Aid:

Lemurian Crystal Points are attuned to the energy of manifestation. Users often program these crystals with intentions, utilizing them as amplifiers for manifesting desires, goals, and positive affirmations.


Grid Activation:

Lemurian Crystal Points are key components in crystal grids. Their unique energy enhances the synergy of a crystal grid, creating a sacred and charged space for specific intentions, such as healing, protection, or spiritual growth.


Past-Life Exploration:

Journey into the depths of your soul's history with Lemurian Crystal Points. Their energy is believed to facilitate past-life exploration, aiding in the understanding of karmic patterns and lessons.

Lemurian Quartz Crystal Points

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