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Our aromatherapy blends have been carefully created using the finest essential oils.


As well as working on the physical level, essential oils work on an energetic level; like flower essences, they work to rebalance us spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. They can help shift our mindset and help us recognise the power of our thoughts and intentions. These aromatherapy roll-on blends have been created to work on a range of situations you may encounter on your spiritual path.


Calm: Lavender, Orange, Chamomile, and Bergamot

When you have gotten lost in daily life and work, you need to come back to yourself, be more present, calm your racing thoughts, and find some stillness. Great for use during your yoga or meditation practice as well as throughout the day when you feel there may be stressful times!


Transformation: lavender, benzoin, geranium, juniper, and elmi

For times of change in life. For those times on your spiritual path when you let things go and step into a higher version of yourself. When there are big transitions in life, such as moving house, changing locations, or changing jobs. Or for big life shifts, e.g., the menopause. This blend gives you comfort and strength to manage any big changes in life and step into the highest version of yourself.


Angel guidance: lavender, grapefruit, red mandarin, and sage


Your spiritual team is always with you, but sometimes we are unable to hear their guidance. This blend helps you tune into the vibration of 'connectedness' with your spiritual team so you can become familiar with how they communicate with you, release resistance to their presence, and hear and understand their guidance so you can move forward on the right path!


The Law of Attraction: Cinnamon, Ylang Ylang, Red Mandarin, and Orange


The vibrational essence of this blend helps you release any resitance to seeing and feeling the abundance that is always all around you. It helps you tap into the deepest feeling of abundance, which will help draw abundance to you. Use it during your abundance meditations, yoga, or while writing your affirmations.


Intuition: Elemi, Lavender, Black Pepper, and Bergamot


Develop your intuition with this blend. Invoke Archangel Gabriel for inspiration and psychic messages. Elemi essential oil activates your intuition. Use this blend with the intention of having sudden bursts of insights and ah-ha moments for you and those around you during meditation, yoga, or your spiritual practices. 


Aromatherapy roll-on blends

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