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Our aromatherapy blends have been carefully created using the finest essential oils.


As well as working on the physical level, essential oils work on an energetic level, like flower essences they work to rebalance us spiritually, mentally and emotionally. They can help to shift our mindset and help us to recognise the power of our thoughts and intentions. These aromatherapy roll-on blends have been created to work on a range of situations you may encounter on your spiritual path.


Calm - Lavender, Orange, Chamomile & Bergamot

For when you have got lost in daily life & work, when you need to come back to yourself, be more present, calm racing thought and find some stillness. Great for use during your yoga or meditation practice as well as throught the day when you feel there may be stressful times!


Transformation - Lavender, benzoin, Geranium, Juniper & Elemi

For times of change in life. For those times on your spiritual path when you let things go and step into a higher version of