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Thriving in Business: Grow your business tips for the 1/3 Profile

Human design gives us so many insights into how to run and grow our businesses. Which is amazing. The 1/3 profile is a combination of the Investigator and the Martyr. In this blog I'm sharing how this unique profile holds distinctive strengths that, when harnessed effectively, can help you align with your unique way of growing your business and help your business flourish!

Overview of the 1/3 profile

The 1/3 profile is the investigator/Martyr. This makes you a great researcher and knowledge seeker. You feel secure armed with knowledge, this is the investigator side to you, the conscious part. Investigation and knowledge help you to feel secure and give you that firm foundation that you seek. The unconscious part, the martyr, is designed to go out into life and bump into things and have things bump into you, you bounce back, pick yourself up and then share with the world what you have found to be true. You cannot be lied to, you know who is telling the truth and who isn't. The martyr side to you may feel pessimism, if your trial and error process went 'wrong' focus more on what you learnt form the experience rather than beating yourself up. You're not meant to take advice form others rather immerse your self into investigation and trial and error process, you will eventually become the authority in your area of expertise.

Best Jobs for the 1/3 Profile:

Something that involves research!

  • The 1/3 profile excels in delving deep into research and analysis. You love establishing knowledge and truth. Roles that involve investigating and uncovering insights suit your natural curiosity.

Trial and error:

  • With the innate ability to learn through trial and error, individuals with a 1/3 profile thrive in roles that understand their trial and error process and their ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

Solo Entrepreneur:

  • The self-sufficient nature of the 1/3 profile makes them well-suited for entrepreneurial ventures where they can independently navigate challenges and learn from hands-on experiences.

Best Colleagues for the 1/3 Profile:

Collaborative Innovators:

  • Colleagues who appreciate innovation and collaboration can create a stimulating work environment for the 1/3 profile.

Supportive and Patient Team Members:

  • Given their natural inclination to investigate and learn through experiences, having patient and supportive team members can enhance their working experience.

Best Working Strategy for the 1/3 Profile:

Focused Learning and Application:

  • Embrace a focused approach to learning and applying knowledge. The 1/3 profile benefits from immersive experiences and hands-on learning. You'll love to get your teeth into some research!

Time for Reflection:

  • Allocate time for strategic reflection after each cycle of trial and error. This allows for the integration of lessons learned and the refinement of strategies.

Selling Services Effectively:

Showcasing Expertise:

  • Highlight expertise gained through thorough research and hands-on experience. Potential clients are drawn to the depth of knowledge and competence. What have you learnt? What are you currently researching share this with your tribe! This is great marketing advice for you too, share your prices of investigating as well as your trial and error process.

Open Communication:

  • Practice transparent communication about the learning process. Clients appreciate authenticity and the willingness to adapt based on experience.

Offering Solutions Through Research:

  • Position services as solutions backed by in-depth research. The 1/3 profile's investigative nature adds credibility to the services they offer.

Offering Solutions Through Train and Error

  • As well as offering solutions based on your research you will also have solutions based on your trial and error process, share this with your followers. Share your trial and error process!

Understanding the dynamics and strengths of the 1/3 profile in business allows you to leverage your unique qualities to help you manifest more in your business! By embracing your investigative spirit and strategic approach, you can grow your business with confidence. 🚀🔍 #HumanDesign #BusinessSuccess #ProfileInsights

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