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The Wild Auras of Human Design: Understanding the Unique Energy Signatures of Each Type

One of the most important aspects of human design is understanding your strategy. Your strategy is how you use your energy in the world for most ease & flow., your energy signature. Let's take a look at the aura & strategy of each of the types which will help you find more ease & flow in your life. When you master your strategy (and authority) the things that are meant to come to you can come because there's less resistance, your aura is more open to receive.

Projectors - recognition & invitation

The aura of a projector provokes recognition and the invitation. The projectors' aura has an openness to life, it absorbs and tastes the energy of others. Projectors want to be recognised by the energy types because once they are recognised they can use that person's energy & begin to fulfil their purpose.The right people for projectors are ones that recognise them for who they are.

Projectors can attach themselves to anyone who recognises them even if it's negative recognition, be wary of looking for any old type of external recognition. The projectors strategy is to wait for the invitation. When projectors recognise themselves others will begin to recognise them and then comes the invitation.

Manifestors - Challenged or initiates

The manifestors aura challenges or initiates. Manifestors don't have to wait for anything to force them into action. As an MG I'm always slightly envious of this! The manifestors aura is often referred to as repelling, it literally pushes energy out. A Manifestor will either be for you or not, you'll love them or they'll just not be your cup of tea and that's ok.

They have the biggest aura out of all the types and some people just can't deal with this - also ok!

They are here to initiate action in others and to impact others. They are at ease with solitude, they don't require outside assistance. They are self-contained independent people. The pressure to impact and to make things happen is key to fulfilling their purpose.

Reflectors - Sampling

Only 1% of the population are reflectors. They are unique in their perspective.The reflectors aura is sampling, it provokes others to look to them for their reflection. All of the 9 centres on a reflectors chart are white. Reflectors do have gate activations. These gates form a channel when connected to the gates activated in another person. Reflectors sample, reflect and judge the quality of their environment on any given day.

Their strategy is to wait through the lunar cycle. As they travel through the 28 day lunar cycle they will sample the energy frequencies of a projector, manifestor and generator as well as reflector. Each time the moon moves into a new gate there is potential for definition. Reflectors don't become projectors, manifestors or generators; they literally sample their energies as they travel through the lunar cycle.

Manifesting generators & generators

Generators & manifesting generators aura provokes others to ask them so they can respond. Their aura is embracing, it creates an energy field of 'availability' around them. To access the wealth of energy it has to be 'called out' so that the generator or MG can respond. This is how a generator or manifesting generator uses their energy in the world. By understanding your strategy (to respond) you will understand how to interact & communicate successfully on all levels.

For me as an MG this means waiting. I put myself out there and do my thing in my business and then I see what is presented to me and respond to that.It's taken me a while to stop thinking up things and putting them out there. For G's and MG's it's all about responding to what the universe is putting in front of them.That's how you use your energy for most efficiency!

There we have it! The 5 types and their auras! What human design type are you? Hit reply i'd love to know and if you're ready to find out more click here to book a reading!

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