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Updated: Jan 16

The first step in your human design journey is understanding and using your human design type, strategy & authority. Human design is all about reconnecting with your true self and releasing resistance! The entry point into human design, which shows you how best to navigate your way in the world is understanding your strategy and in this post I'm going to hep you understand your strategy as well as your not self theme (how you know you've gone off track) and begin your journey on the flow freeway! Ready? Let's go!

Your chart tells you who you really are, how to be you and how to navigate your way successfully through the world. It gives you the tools to live a conscious, awakened life, eliminate resistance and fear and live in a relaxed, creative, expansive way. Woo hoo bring it on!

Firstly how do you know what your 'type' is Click here to get your chart. At the top it will say type and next to it will be either, manifesting generator, generator, manifestor, reflector or projector

If you are a generator or manifesting generator (G & MG) your strategy is to respond

Generators & manifesting generators make up approx 70% of the population. Their strategy is to wait to respond to what the universe puts in front of them. It's a gut response that says either hell yes I'm going to do that or if it's a hell no then there' no action. This means not initiating from the mind (not making decisions from the mind) In human design we actually retire the mind, its job is not for making decisions. Yes I know, if you are new to human design and you are G or an MG then this may freak you out a little, It did me as I'm an MG but my own experience says it really does work!

So what does this look like? This is an example of how I use it. I run reiki training courses and rather than putting out dates for courses I wait for someone to come to me and ask about booking a course,if it lights me up then we set a date and then I put it out there to see if anyone else wants to join. It always works. If I ever put a date out there (initiating) without waiting for someone to come to me nobody ever books. This creates frustration which is the not-self theme for a G or MG. Responding to what has been put in front of you creates flow, initiating from the mind creates resistance. G&MG's are the life force of the planet and doing what they love is key for them. it's all about doing what lights you up because when you are in that amazing energy of doing what you love everything that you need will naturally gravitate towards you.

The manifestors strategy is to inform

Manifestors compose of approx 9% of the population The manifestor is the only type that can respond without having to wait for something to happen. They have the biggest aura out of all of the types. They are a go-getter, accomplishing their goals and getting things done! Manifestors are born do-ers for sure! They are here to blaze a trail for the rest of us. No planning required just the ability to tune into your urges. Historically they were the leaders and rulers, kings and queens in society.

A manifestor will get an urge to do something and then poof they're off! This is where their strategy comes in, just after the urge and before the 'poof' they need to inform, which basically means they need to let other people know what they are doing, this saves a lot of confusion! Conditioning often leads manifestors to be people pleasers or they keep themselves small to be liked. Following their strategy is their way out of this conditioning. Initiation is their gift to the world.

The not self theme of a manifestor is anger which can also manifest as irritation or annoyance. This may happen when you're doing things you don't want to do, pleasing everyone else rather than following your urges or being in constant doing mode. Basically when you shut down those urges you will know because your not self theme will pop up, it's a way for you to course correct and get back to following your urges!

The projectors strategy is to wait for the invitation

Projectors are not here to push, make or create they are here to guide the other energy beings (manifesting generators, manifestors and generators) They are here to see and not do. They have a natural way of reading the energy of others and guiding them in the right direction. They see things in a way other people can't. The most important thing for a projector to do is to spend time honing their natural skills and finding their niche. When they know this it makes it much easier to follow their strategy.

Their strategy is to wait for the invitation in relation to love, career, place to love and to bond. This means that they need to wait for people to invite them, for invitations that speak specifically to them and their gifts and talents. Projectors need to be recognised so you have to start recognising yourself first! The issue with a projector is that fear often leads them to say yes to things that aren't right for them or they go around doing the inviting which isn't energetically correct for them. I think it's important to say here that projectors are non- energy beings and are not here to do the same amount of work as generators or manifesting generators. So if you are a projector watch your energy levels. Rest when you need to!

The not self theme of a projector is bitterness, when you are doing the inviting or saying yes to invitations that don't recognise your gifts or talents you'll know it's time to course correct if you start feeling bitterness.

The reflectors strategy is to wait through the cycle of the moon

Reflectors have the potential for the greatest wisdom out of all the types. Reflectors make up less than 1% of the population, all of the centres on their chart is white (undefined) and because of this they reflect everything around them. They can quite literally sample the aura of anyone around them and reflect that back to them. They have a special connection with the moon so their strategy is to wait through the cycle of the moon.

Reflectors will find that they have a regular cycle of conditioning which comes from the moon. As the moon transits through its cycle it creates days when the reflector will experience the definition of a projector, reflector, manifestor or generator and from recognising this pattern the reflector will get more clarity. When making a decision this cycle will present the best times for them to initiate action.

The not self theme of a reflector is disappointment, they can often feel left out and can over-identify with other people's emotions, the key here is to not identify too much with other people's pain. For the reflector they key is to become comfortable with the openness in their design and follow the changes and flow of the moon cycle.

There you have my exact starter guide for how to use your human design strategy so that you can begin to release resistance, find flow and attract your desires. This whole process can take a bit of practice because it often goes against all that conditioning you have! But that's ok, take one day at a time! Want to find out more about human design? Why not book a reading with me and find out more the energy centres, gates and lines in your chart and how to live a conscious, awakened life, with less resistance and fear and more expansion, growth and abundance! Click here to book your reading and lets get started!

Much love,

​Louise x

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