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Make your marketing shine with human design!

You’re sat at your computer yet again not really knowing what to post on social media to attract your ideal clients. You’re putting out random posts with no purpose or call to action and it all seems like ‘what’s the point?’ I feel you because I’ve been there too! But not any more! What if I told you that using information from your human design type when creating content can help you create marketing that not only comes easily & effortlessly but really connects with your ideal clients, leaving them wanting to know more about you! These strategies I’m sharing with you will help you do just that. So lets dive in!

Marketing for the manifestor

The manifestor is here to rally energy and to create a movement! Often a manifestors conditioning means they believe they have to play small, fit in with everyone else or be a people pleaser. The most important marketing tip for a manifestor is to do what you want! Not what you think other people want to hear or see, it’s all about what you want to create!

You marketing should reflect the movement you want to create, what is this? What problem are you solving for your ideal client? Are you worrying about what other people will think of your marketing, or the movement you want to create? Is this holding you back from really saying ‘hey this is me’ in your marketing. The thing is the right people who want to follow your movement will follow you, you cant please everyone.

Listen to your urges and follow them when you are creating content for your business.

Ask yourself what is the movement I am creating?

What problem does my ideal client need solving?

How can I show up in my marketing with a sense of, this is me, this is my movement, you’re welcome to get on board if this is for you.

Marketing for the generator & manifesting generator

It’s so easy for a generator & manifesting generator to create content but often the pesky conditioning gets in the way. It’s simple, do what lights you up with your marketing! Does it excite you? Do you get a physical feeling of ooooh yes I really want to create this piece of content and put it out there, I’m excited to write this blog or this post. It’s either a hell yes or a hell no! The conditioning for a generator or manifesting generator is that they ‘should’ all over themselves, they think that they should be doing this or that because every business coach is saying you have to post every day, blog every week, post this or that. No, no, no!

Ask yourself what do I love to help my clients to do?

What part of the process of helping them do I love?

What content can I create that will help them to solve their problems?

If you’re creating content that feels flat and unexciting it will feel flat and unexciting to the reader too. If you are a generator or manifesting generator practice tuning into your sacral response, over the years it gets suppressed or denied. Spend some time reconnecting with it.

For the generator and manifesting generator it’s all about doing what you love. Be in service of your own desires not everybody elses.

Marketing for the reflector

Thereflector has the greatest potential for wisdom out of all the types due to the openness of their chart. Their strategy is to wait through the lunar cycle and identify the patterns that come up during that time. Marketing for the reflector will involve connecting to that openness and tuning into their ability to see the bigger picture and share that with their audience. As a reflector your marketing will really engage and call to your ideal client when your wisdom has been shared for all to see.

As a reflector be sure to be visible and be wary of the lunar cycle. Every 29.5 days it goes through all 64 gates in the bodygraph and as the moon moves through their gates each month a pattern emerges. You will have days when you will have the definition of a projector, reflector, manifestor or generator.

Ask yourself where am I in the moon cycle?

What definition do I feel I have today?

How can I share with my audience my wisdom that is coming form this definition?

What wisdom can I share that my audience most need to know?

You are meant to be the hub of your community, stay neutral in your marketing and don’t identify with other peoples, emotions, stress or anxiety.

Marketing for the projector

Projectors are here to tweak, guide and make things more efficient. Many projectors get confused with their strategy of waiting for the invitation thinking they’re not supposed to do anything – not true! Projectors need to get visible with their marketing and the best way to align their energy and attract those invitations is to put out content that aligns with your innate gifts and talents. For a projector it’s all about finding their niche, what they are really good at, because when they do that and start putting themselves out there as that, people will begin to recognise them for that and whoosh, here come the invitations!

The real issue for projectors is they think they have to be the same as the generators & manifesting generators and ‘making things happen’ but they don’t have the consistent energy to be like that which often causes burnout, exhaustion or some form of ill health.

If you are a projector ask yourself;

What is my niche, what I am really good at helping people with?

Am I being visible and showing people how they can invite me? Be sure to add a call to action in all of your posts

Am I recognising myself?

Spend time honing your special skill. If you’re not getting invitations is because of two things firstly you still need to work on recognising yourself and secondly what you’re putting out is not in line with your innate gifts and talents.

There you go! My go-to ways to ensure that your content, comes to you easily and effortlessly, flows beautifully and connects with your audience so that you can grow your tribe! Now you have these tools to help you create alignment when creating content let’s get writing! Want to know more about growing your business & creating abundance with ease & flow using human design? Click here to find out more!

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