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3 Ways To Use Your Human Design Chart For Maximum Ease and Flow!

So, you've got your human design chart and had your human design reading – an enlightening journey into your unique energetic blueprint. But what's next? While the insights gained from your reading are invaluable, the real transformation begins when you start applying that information to your life and business. Here's your roadmap to unlocking the full potential of your human design and stepping into alignment with your true self. In this blog I'm sharing the 3 key areas from your human design chart that I recommend my clients begin working with after they've had a human design reading to help them start living their design, find their true purpose, clarity and direction - let's go!

Embrace Your Strategy and Authority

Your strategy Is how you make things happen, how you clear your energy so that the things that are meant to come to you can come to you way more easily, think of it as an energetic clear out and alignment so that things can flow more easily for you. It's THE most important part of you chart alongside your authority. Follow your strategy and authority daily. If you forget then that's ok, come back to it the next day, keep bringing yourself back to your strategy and authority as much as you can. It's how you decondition from anything that isn't your true self and start to step into your true authentic self.

Lets take a look at the strategy for each human design type

  1. Manifestors:

  • Strategy: Inform before you act. Share your plans and intentions with others to avoid resistance. Manifestors get urges to do things, be sure to follow them (and be rested enough to recognise them) but always inform before you act. This saves a lot of confusion. You are they only human design type that can act straight away so follow those urges and get things moving, this is what you are here to do!

  1. Generators:

  • Strategy: Wait to respond to what the universe puts in front of you. Don't initiate; let opportunities come to you, and respond only to what excites you.Tune into your body's response – recognise the feeling of expansion (yes) or contraction (no). Stop doing things out of duty or obligation, the only reason that you need to do anything is your gut response, if you feel excitement go for it, if you get a no response then say no. Don't let the mind interfere!

  1. Manifesting Generators:

  • Strategy: Same as Generators – wait to respond and follow your excitement. Listen to your gut feeling or sacral response. Listen to your body's wisdom for clear guidance. The strategy is the same for manifesting generators as it is for generators. Manifesting generators may have more of a struggle with the waiting part, they move fast so waiting can be difficult, only act on a response, it is way more powerful and things will flow when you act on a response

  1. Projectors:

  • Strategy: Wait for the invitation before offering your guidance or expertise. You are a guide, you are here to guide the energy beings (manifesting generators, generators and manifestors) Your can read the energy of others, you see things in a way other types can't. You need the energy of the other person to make things happen and this comes when they invite you. Projectors need to be recognised by others so in order for you to do this you must first recognise yourself, own your strengths, gifts and talents!

  1. Reflectors:

  2. Strategy: Wait for the lunar cycle. Take time to reflect and wait a full lunar cycle before making major decisions. You are the ultimate chameleon, you see other people deeply and are constantly reflecting back the environment you are in. Before making any decisions you must wait through the lunar cycle. When you wait through the lunar cycle your energy and perspectives may shift throughout the month.Clarity comes from giving yourself time to mull things over.

Your Authority

Your authority is how you make decisions that are energetically correct for you and is used alongside your strategy. In human design the mind is not for making decisions, you use your authority. This is how you express your uniqueness and true self. Let's take a brief look at each authority

Solar Plexus (emotional) Authority

  • Waiting is key for the emotional authority, there are 4 different types of emotional wave that come with the emotional authority and it is imperative that you are not in the peak or the trough of an emotional wave when making a decision. Wait until you are cool, calm & collected to make a decision is key. Patience is key.

Sacral Authority

  • When you are required to make a decision it is based on the yes or no sacral response, so if you are asked to do something and you get a sacral yes (an excitement) say yes! If you get a no response say no! If you don't get a response then wait and come back to it at a later point. It operates in the present moment, when you have a yes response you know you'll have the energy to undertake the task.

Heart (ego) center Projected authority

  • This is a rare form of projector. who has the heart center connected to the ego center through the channel of initiation (25-51) To make a decision ask yourself 'What do I desire" or "What's in it for me?" The heart center is a motor and you have will (energy) to do something or not. It's very important for you to follow your strategy of waiting for the invitation/recognition.

Self protected Authority

  • The most important thing with this authority is to listen to what you say. Whatever you need to know is found within what you say. Speak out loud or speak with someone (not for their opinion) but to hear what you are saying. With no motors present in your chart so you can become lost in your openness and ignore your own voice. Ask questions like "will this make me happy?" or "Will this take in in the right direction?"

Environment (Mental projectors)

  • If you are a mental projector you have an environment authority and will have no centerers defined below the throat center. You receive guidance from the environment around you through your open centres . If anything feels wrong in your environment or with the people you are with, any proposal that is put to you, you will feel it. Ask yourself "Is this environment/person/proposal correct for me?" Feel into it. Remember your mind is not for making decisions.

Lunar Authority

  • If you are a reflector you have a lunar authority. You have no centres defined in your chart. To get clarity on a decision you will need to wait through the 28 day moon cycle. As you do this you will notice a reliable pattern that is repeated each month as the moon travels through each of the 64 gates. Spend this time thinking about your decision, take you time, do't be rushed in your decisions making.

Dive Into Your Main Gates

Your main gates reveal key aspects of your gifts and talents. Whenever you are feeling unsure about yourself or your abilities this is a great exercise to do. Take a closer look at the main gates in your human design chart (the 4 numbers after your incarnation cross) or look at your incarnation cross to gain confidence in your abilities and strengths. You will have more that the 4 main gates of your incarnation cross activated, feel free to look at all of them, but the 4 gates of your incarnation cross are your most important in that they make up your life theme. For example:

  • Gate 34: The Gate of Power – Embrace your leadership potential and assertiveness.

  • Gate 42: The Gate of Increase – You want to realise potential everywhere, help others to help yourself.

  • Gate 21: The Gate of Control – Embrace your ability to be in the driving seat and take decisive action, bring order and structure to chaos.

  • Gate 1: The Gate of Creativity - Embrace your creativity and know it's ok to work alone.

Your human design reading is just the beginning of your journey towards self-discovery, empowerment and business growth. By embracing your strategy and authority, and diving into your main gates, you'll unlock the full potential of your human design and step into alignment with your true self. Remember, the real transformation happens when you start applying this wisdom to your everyday life. Trust yourself, follow your design, and watch as your life transforms in remarkable ways. Want to embrace your human design and use it to grow your business with more ease and less hustle? CLICK HERE to check out my human design coaching programmes!

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