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How To Thrive in Business as a Human Design Generator

Dearest darling generator, I know you are passionate about what you do, and you are ready for your next level of success and growth! Fantastic! You are ready for more financial freedom; you're ready to grow your business without working seven days a week and market what you do in an authentic, aligned way. I'm here to tell you that's all possible, and I'm going to share with you how understanding your human design can help you do that.

It's time to say goodbye to doing things in your business the way other people are telling you to do them (even though they don't feel good). No more chasing algorithms or marketing tactics that don't feel right to you.

Generators, with their innate ability to respond to life's opportunities with vitality and enthusiasm, possess a powerful force within them that, when harnessed effectively, can lead to remarkable success in business. In this blog, we'll explore how generators can thrive in business by embracing their design and leveraging their strengths. For you, dear generator, the answers are always within!

Embrace Your Strategy: To Respond

One of the key principles of human design for generators is the strategy of "waiting to respond." Instead of initiating action (from the mind), As a generator, you are advised to wait for life to present you with opportunities and then respond to those opportunities that give you a sense of excitement and alignment. If the universe puts something in front of you and it excites you and lights you up, then go for it! If you get a 'no' response, then don't. It's a gut feeling. If you're not sure, wait and come back to it another time. By honouring this strategy, you can avoid the frustration of pursuing endeavours that don't truly resonate with you and instead focus your energy on projects and ventures that ignite your passion and enthusiasm.

This beautiful energy is what brings people, opportunities, or whatever it is you need to grow your business to you. You become a magnet for opportunities. As a manifesting generator with the same strategy, following my strategy has been a game changer for me. I remember when I first started to study human design, I came across this concept, and I had a huge ah-ha moment. I had been initiating, coming up with ideas in my head, and putting them out there in my business, but nothing seemed to be working. As soon as I began responding, it was a different story, and things started to happen.

The reason for this is that when the universe puts something in front of you and you respond with a yes, you have the power of the sacred centre behind you. The sacral centre is a powerhouse of energy, and this energy makes everything so much easier. Things flow; you can ride the wave of this incredible energy to make things happen in your business; you can get things done. Be aware that even though you have a defined sacral, you are an energy being and still need to rest!

The trick is to master the waiting game. I am waiting for the universe to show you something. It doesn't mean you sit around doing nothing all day, waiting. Ask yourself this or that question: What do I want to do in my business today? Write a blog or do social media; whichever one lights you up, go for it (you have to ask the sacred yes or no questions; it needs something to respond to). Open your senses. What are you noticing on social media, TV, in a conversation with a friend, etc.? The universe is your personal shopper; what is it serving you today?

Understanding frustration

The not-self theme of a generator is frustration. What this means is that when you have meandered away from your design in some way, frustration kicks in. It's a sign that you need to get back on track with your design. Usually, it's because you are doing too many things you don't want to do and not enough of the things you do want to do. When a generator does lots of things they don't want to, two things happen. Firstly, the universe will give you the gift of burnout because those things feel heavy and hard and drain your energy, and secondly, the things that are meant to come to you can't land because your energy field is full of all those things you don't want to do. I always tell my generator clients to make a list of all the things in your business that you don't want to do, don't like doing, or drain your energy, and then see if you can stop doing them or outsource them to someone else. This then frees up your energy and gets you back into alignment.


The signature feeling of a generator is satisfaction. This is what you'll feel when you are following your design, when things seem to be flowing and everything in your business is easy. This is what you are aiming for. If you go to bed at the end of the day and feel satisfied, you know you are on the right track. Lean into this, ask yourself what I have been doing that has created this feeling, jot down what comes up, and ask yourself, Could I do more of this? Were you marketing your business on Instagram and it felt really good? Great,  keep going, or perhaps it's the opposite: you let go of doing daily posts on Instagram, and that felt so good to you (yes, if posting daily on Instagram feels like a no response, you can let it go!).

Overcoming Conditioning

The conditioning of a generator often sees them doing things out of duty and obligation. They are out of sync with the sacral response because they have always done things other people want them to do, or they do the things they think they should do. Your role, dearest generator, is to do what you want, and you'll know this from your 'yes' sacral response. It may take a bit of practice to begin working with your sacral response because, basically, you've shut it off. The world needs more of your beautiful energy. By saying yes to what lights you up, you shine; people want to be around you; you draw resources, people, and opportunities to you. It's vital that you work on your over-giving tendencies, do what lights you up and let your light truly shine.

Dearest generator You get to write the rules. It's time to let go of doing all of those things that everyone else is telling you to do that you just don't like doing. It's time to drop the hustle, overworking, and forcing to make things happen. When you align with your design and start following your strategy and authority, you tap into your joy and excitement, and it's this that's going to propel you forward. I work with so many generators who, when they realise that they can follow their joy and create success, magic happens. You can create success through joy. You are meant to be doing work that you love, marketing your business in a way that you love, and lighting up the world with your juicy, sparkly energy! Want to take your business to the next level using your human design? CLICK HERE for my 1-2-1 coaching packages!

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