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Enhance your workplace with the healing energy of crystals!

Updated: Jan 16

Feeling stressed at work? So much to do, people to manage and all those EMF's! Crystals, with their unique energetic properties, offer a wonderful solution. In this blog post, we'll explore how incorporating crystals into your workspace can foster empowerment, boost productivity, and create a positive environment for professional growth.

The Power of Crystals in the Workplace:

Citrine for Abundance and Prosperity:

  • Citrine is a powerful crystal associated with abundance and prosperity.

  • Place a citrine crystal on your desk to invite success, wealth, and positive energy into your work environment.

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Tiger's Eye for Confidence and Focus:

  • Tiger's Eye is known for its ability to enhance confidence and focus.

  • Keep a small piece of Tiger's Eye in your pocket or on your desk to instill courage and help you stay centered during challenging moments.

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Clear Quartz for Clarity and Amplification:

  • Clear Quartz is a master healer that amplifies energy and enhances clarity.

  • Program a Clear Quartz crystal with your professional goals and place it on your desk to foster a clear, focused mindset.

Black Tourmaline for Grounding and Protection:

  • Do you have a negative Nelly in your office? then use black tourmaline, it's grounding crystal that protects against negative energies. Keep it in your pocket or treat yourself to a lovely piece of jewellery containing tourmaline.

  • Keep Black Tourmaline near your electronic devices to neutralize electromagnetic stress and create a grounded workspace.

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Rose Quartz for Emotional Well-Being:

  • Rose Quartz promotes emotional well-being and harmony.

  • Place a Rose Quartz crystal on your desk to encourage a compassionate and supportive work atmosphere.

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Shungite for EMF's (Electro and Magnetic Fields)

  • Shungite is renowned for its powerful protective properties. It forms a shield against electromagnetic radiation, making it a favourite for those seeking to safeguard themselves from the modern world's electronic devices.

  • Place near to your computer and be sure to cleanse your crystal at the end of each day.

Creating a Crystal-Centric Workspace:

Crystal Grids for Intentions:

  • Create a crystal grid on your desk with specific intentions. Combine crystals like Amethyst, Citrine, and Clear Quartz to enhance focus, creativity, and abundance. For example place 4 clear quartz in the corner of the room or the 4 corners of your desk and set an intention for it to protect the energy and keep away any negative energies - be sure to cleanse your crystals often!

Desk Feng Shui with Crystals:

  • Use Feng Shui principles to place crystals strategically on your desk. For example, Amethyst in the career area for spiritual growth, or Green Aventurine in the wealth area for prosperity.

Crystal Elixirs for Positive Energy:

  • Make crystal elixirs by placing crystals like Aquamarine or Clear quartz in water. Use the elixir to cleanse your energy and promote a positive atmosphere in your workspace.

Meditation Breaks with Crystals:

  • Incorporate short meditation breaks with crystals. Hold a calming crystal like howlite or amethyst during a five-minute meditation to reset your energy.

Affirmation Rituals:

  • Use crystals as tools for affirmation rituals. Hold a crystal in your hand and repeat empowering affirmations related to your professional goals.

Integrating crystals into your workplace is not only fun but can bring many benefits. As you harness the unique energies of these wonderful crystals, perhaps your workspace will become a sanctuary of positivity, focus, and success! I certainly hope so! Whether you're navigating challenges or striving for new heights, let the subtle yet profound energy of crystals be your allies in the pursuit of empowerment in your professional life.

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