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Updated: Feb 21, 2023

When I took the 4 transformations training with Jenna Zoe I had two BIG ah-ha moments, one of them was huge (read on to find out more) In this blog I'm pretty sure I'm going to pique your interest in knowing more about your the human design four transformations and finding more ease & flow.

I believe these four pieces of information are so important to your manifesting practices and to your business, it's how you step into your zone of genius without really having to put in much conscious effort!

Let's go! If you've had a reading with me then I will have spoken to you about the 4 arrows around the head area of your chart and how they pertain to consistency, discipline, focus and strategy. If the arrows point to the left then these things are active for you if they point to the right then these things are more passive. For example, if the bottom right arrow points to the right then you are a non-specific manifestor, no need for you to make lists or be specific about what you want to manifest, it's more big picture thinking, step into the feelings of abundance rather than be specific about what you want.

The human design 4 transformations takes this information in the arrows and goes way deeper. It covers digestion, environment, perspective and motivation. By feeding the brain in a way that is right for you (digestion) putting yourself in the right places (environment), seeing through the correct perspective (perspective) and being motivated by the correct things (motivation) then the correct opportunities will present themselves to you. ​It's like finding ultimate flow, no more trying or forcing, all the things that you're meant to be doing will be more synchronistic. I believe this information is pivotal for your manifesting practices and for the advancement your business (and basically life in general!)

Digestion Digestion is what you take in food wise and feeding the brain in the right way for you. Ra, the creator of human design, said that food was the strongest conditioning force in life. If you're not digesting in the right way your brain isn't functioning in the right way. This is the starting point in the 4 transformations. Your digestion type may be difficult to take in and you don't have to go the whole hog and change everything straight away, start with small steps. For example I am indirect light, which means eating out of direct light, evening eating which goes against everything I've ever known! But I try and eat later in the evening and I never eat whilst sitting in direct sunlight.

Environment If you're in the right place you can see the right things! If you are feeding in the brain the right way the second step is to put yourself in the right places. These are the places you are supposed to spend most of your life (not all of it!) If your environment arrow is left then the correct environment for you should bring out activity in you and spur you into action. If your environment arrow is right being in the right place for you makes you sit back & relax. For example you may be narrow valleys, if this is you you need to be involved in the action, be part of what's going on, you need to feel you're connected with life. Valleys are acoustically tuned they need to be in the thick of it. Narrow valleys need to be very attentive to the sound, focusing in on one specific aspect of whats being said or what you can hear. You will also have an environmental tone, smell taste, outer vision, inner vision, feeling or touch. For example outer vision means that the places you find yourself in needs to look beautiful to you. A pretty looking environment is crucial to you getting ah-ha's.

Perspective Perspective is your view on the world, the filter with which you see things through. We all see things through different filters and knowing your correct filter means you can pick up on the things that are most important to you. These are the things you are supposed to be noticing so that when you're motivated correctly you are responding to the right things. This is why we need to get our perspective right so that we can be correctly motivated which is the final part of the four transformations. The good thing with perspective is that we have a transference which means you'll know when that you are in your not-self. In human design your not self is when you are in your conditioned state, you are operating from the lower self version of you, when you are in a fear or ego based state. ​Knowing this info was my biggest ah-ha moment. My perspective is wanting, I need to be focusing on what people want, but I realised that more than often I was in the not-self theme of survival and focusing on “i don't have enough money”, “how am I going to survive”, “the money I have will soon go” Now I know this if I ever do find myself in survival mode, thinking any of those things I switch back to asking myself what do people want. A game changer for me.

Motivation If you are feeding the brain in the right way, putting yourself fin the right places, seeing through the correct perspective and you are motivated by the right things then you truly are in your zone of genius, synchronicities and opportunities will be there for you without you even having to think about it. This is the theory behind the 4 transformations, it's all about you to go out there take the information and practice with it! ​Motivation is about knowing what is the correct impetus is for you to act, share & do things with others. The second ah-ha moment for me was understanding my motivation is guilt, I need to figure out what needs to be changed or fixed and then go out there and make it happen. If I am sitting on the side-lines and hoping that things will work out for the best, feeling helplessness, hopelessness, it's never going to happen etc then I know I've gone into my not-self and I can shift back to thinking about what do people want and making things happen, another game changer!

So there you have it, this is what the 4 transformations reading is all about, perhaps you'll have some major ah-ha moments like I did! The biggest thing that I got out of knowing this information was to understand when I'm in my not-self and to know what energy or thoughts to shift myself back into to be in the highest (non conditioned) version of myself. If I ever feel myself feeling hopeless or just hoping something will happen for me I shift myself back into thinking what do people want, what needs fixing or changing? And then I go out there and make that happen, no more sitting around hoping for things to happen and feeling hopeless or being in survival mode! Ready to book your human design 4 transformations reading? Click here to book!

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