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We've all heard of the law of attraction but the million dollar question is, what do I really need to do to make it work for me? Like me you may have struggled with the whole manifesting thing and almost given up on it! Do you have a list of things you'd like to manifest but none of them seem to be showing up? This used to be me but not any more! The thing is you were put on this earth to create and if you ain't manifesting then you may just need these three things I've learnt along the way that have brought about the biggest shifts in my mindset and boosted my law of attraction skills. These 3 manifesting master tips will help you feel more empowered and clearer about the whole process so you can create your desires and more!!

A course in miracles teaches us “Miracles are natural, when they do not occur, something has gone wrong” So if miracles are natural but you still feel stuck in 'mis-creation mode' meaning the things you desire aren't showing up in your life read on!

The surrender experiment

You want to be a more effective manifestor, right? Let's do the opposite of what we are all taught to do if we want something – Let go! A course in miracles teaches us that “we do not know what is in our own best interest” kind of makes sense! The power that creates worlds knows way better than we could ever know about what is best for us and so this is where I put my faith. When I offer my desires to source I write them down and put them in my God box. I surrender them knowing that if it is in my best interest it will come, if it doesn't come I'm ok with that too because maybe it's not right for me and if there is something different that is better for me then I am open to that.

It's all about surrendering! But the ego doesn't like surrender, it wants to control, force & push. It wants certainty and is fearful of letting go and surrendering, it thinks it knows best! Control to the ego is how it continues the belief in separation, that we are separate from source, which is of course impossible, but it wants to keep us in the dark about it to preserve itself.

Step 1 Afirm “I surrender my desire to source, if this is in my best interest I gladly welcome it into my experience, if it is not, I allow my greatest & highest good, whatever that may be, to flow easily to me”

Let go & get in the flow! Doesn't that feel more empowering than doubting, worrying and wondering when or how it's going to happen? It's all about faith & belief.

Release the attachment

I really want this to work, I really need this to happen! Ever said this? The ego loves to attach to things, I'll be happy when I get the new car or the only way I can get this is by doing that or the only way to get this is for that to happen. Often desires come to us in the most interesting of ways, nothing like we expect, but you are too busy trying to make things happen a certain way that you are actually blocking it from coming to you. How can you be ok with your desire appearing right in front of you, or just as ok if it doesn't happen? How can you release the attachment? How can you release the attachment of how and when it will come to you. According to the Buddha, the root of suffering is attachment.

The way that you can test your attachment to something is to imagine it was taken away from you. Imagine now that the client you love working with decides that they don't want to work with you anymore, or a regular client cancels, how does that make you feel? What does this bring up for you? It's all about letting go. Attachment creates resistance. Surrender creates flow, ask yourself what are my expectations, how am I trying to control this situation. What areas of your life are you attached to a specific outcome?

Step 2 “The self that God created, needs nothing. It is forever complete, safe, loved and loving” Quote from ACIM

Be happy along the way, this is how things come to you faster!

This will probably freak the ego out but sit with it and see what it brings up for you! The ego grasps while the soul receives. Go easy and chill with the whole manifesting process, make your wants want you! The best energy for you to align with when manifesting is the energy of invitation, rather than the energy of wanting or needing.

Work out how the law of attraction works for you - Human design

Your personal human design chart shows you whether you are a specific or non-specific manifester. When I discovered I am a non-specific manifester it changed everything for me. I realised that the traditional specific manifesting practices just didn't work for me, so I switched things up and boom the flow in energy was so different. I felt lighter more in flow knowing that I could be more general.

If you are a specific manifester (the bottom right arrow on your chart around the head area points left) then the traditional way of manifesting is for you, you can make specific goals eg I have 10 new clients this month, I make a min of £5000 every month, I have a silver Mercedes Benz, with alloy wheels, leather seats etc etc. Vision boards with pictures of the specific things you desire on there, all of that good stuff.

If you are a non-specific manifester (the bottom right arrow on your chart around the head area points right) you will probably know this without looking at your chart because specific goals just don't work for you, they feel icky! You need to think bigger picture, go more general. Your affirmation for a house may be “I have a beautiful home of my own that suits my business and personal needs perfectly” You don't need to know where it is, how many bedrooms It has, you can be way more general. Your vision board will have beautiful pictures and words like love, please, abundance, joy etc. Manifesting for you comes more from a feeling.

AND there are so many other ways that human design can help you with your manifesting! If you are familiar with human design then follow your strategy & authority, this will help you understand how to use your energy & how to make decisions for most ease and flow. Also understanding in more detail the 4 arrows on your chart (called the 4 transformations or variables) I had so many ah-ha moments understanding the 4 transformations, I could see where I was going wrong and then get myself back on track!

There you have it, my 3 top tips to help you feel clearer, more empowered in your manifesting practice and understand how to release resistance and manifest your desires more effectively. I hope this will allow you to find a little more ease & flow! Let's get manifesting eh?! Want to learn more about manifesting and human design? Then sign up to love notes from Lou for a weekly newsletter with tips, hints and mini trainings to help you live your design. Click here to sign up!

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