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I've suffered from PMS my whole life, sometimes I feel like I understand what it's like to have depression. I feel like I want to shut myself away from the world for 5 days or so and not speak to anyone. It used to be a lot worse when I was younger, I didn't understand myself and how my body works as much back then and my diet is much better now, which makes a huge difference. For many years I've used essential oils to help me with PMS and my experience is that they help greatly. They don't take PMS away completely, my experience is they make the symptoms lessen and make that time of the month that little more bearable. In this blog I'll share my 3 top essential oils to help with PMS and how to make a PMS relieving bath & body oil.


Geranium may stimulate the adrenal cortex whose hormones are essentially regulating and balancing. It is beneficial where hormones are fluctuating because of this reason. It not only smells divine it may help to balance the hormones, calming the mood swings. Who doesn't want that!

Clary sage*

This is the top essential oil for women. It helps through all stages of life, menstruation cycle, childbirth and menopause. It is well known for its ability to relieve menstrual cramps. Clary sage is what is called an emmenagogue; it stimulates or increases menstrual flow, so it can promote menstruation when delayed. It is thought that clary sage exerts a regulating effect on the pituitary gland and is also good for managing the menopause. In childbirth it is thought that clary sage promotes labour and stimulates contractions, its relaxing qualities help to calm the mother before and during labour. •Not t be used during pregnancy unless to help during labour.

Ylang ylang

Ylang ylang has been proven beneficial for treating PMS especially with fluctuating mood swings. It's an extremely calming oil, it helps to slow down breathing and it's great for you if you are feeling in a low mood, anger or frustration. It is a renowned antidepressant. It can help to reduce stress and anxiety often found when you are premenstrual.

How to make a PMS relief bath & body oil

An 50ml of carrier oil – You could use olive oil, sweet almond oil or avocado oil or coconut oil, add

8 drops geranium essential oil

5 drops ylang ylang essential oil

7 drops clary sage

Give it a mix and apply the body oil before bedtime or add to your bath and have a nice soak!

So there you have it, my 3 top essential oils for PMS. I'm an aromatherapist but don't just take my word for it. One study concluded “Aromatherapy is an effective tool for the relief of PMS symptoms.“ - link to study below. Use the body oil in the evening before you go to bed, not only will it make your skin feel lovely, the essential oils will work their magic overnight (and help you get a good night's sleep) The essential oils I've listed are relatively inexpensive and easy to find, be sure to use a reputable company for your essential oils and If you'd like to try our women's blend bath salts, which contain these essential oils click here to go to the shop

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