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Holistic therapies

Hi I'm Louise and I love to help people who are suffering from stress or looking for a ways to manage chronic illness or a super busy life.

Sometimes things get on top of you and you suddenly decide that things cant go on the way they have been, you may be the type of person that always looks after everybody else and never yourself and then you find yourself stressed or ill and realise that actually you need to look after yourself for a change!


Maybe you are off work with stress and have decided that it's time to get some help. What you realise is that your family isn't getting the best version of you, it's getting the snappy, not at my best, just struggling a long, exhausted version of you. 

If this is you then you're in the right place!

I help you restore calm, let go of tension, give you some 'you time' and help restore you back to your best self.




Aromatherapy crystal candles , Louisa B Apothecary
Calm Bach flower essence to help de-stress, Louisa B Apothecary, Ormskirk

Our natural, vegan, soaps, bath salts, crystal candles, room sprays & balms are all made with natural oils, butters & herbal infusions & scented with essential oils.


As a trained aromatherapist and holistic therapist I have created essential oil blends that bring the peace & calm of the treatment room into your home.


Learn the wonderful healing art of reiki. Louise teaches level 1, level 2 and reiki master teacher courses, click below to find out more.

Reiki training at Aligned by Louisa B Ormskirk, reiki training levels 1 2 and master teacher, Ormskirk


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Human design is your unique energy blueprint that shows you who you truly are. It shows you how to use your energy in the world for more ease & flow, your unique gifts & talents and how to make decisions (and much more) The reason you may struggle and find it difficult to find direction, purpose, make more money, make decisions (insert your struggle here!) is because you're going against your true nature, your energy field is full of resistance.


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Human design readings



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