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I love rituals,I have a specific way that I create my rituals to bring in the elements, action, feelings and an overall concept. I find there's something very powerful about creating a ritual. A ritual is a set of actions taken in a particular way in order to acquire a desired result. Rituals are common throughout the world's religions. This ritual has been created to help you connect with your love for yourself and your body. So that you can begin to appreciate yourself a little more, take more care of yourself and appreciate yourself for all that you have done and been through in your life so far. The best time to do this ritual is right after you've had your morning or evening bath or shower. Have a notebook or journal hand to write down anything that comes up for you and your favourite body oil or lotion, Lets get started.

Step 1 – Gather some of your favourite crystals, plants, flowers or leaves from your garden and find a place where you can create a mini altar. You can do this inside or outside in nature. Rose petals scattered around would work really well here. Set out your crystals, plant & flowers in a way that pleases you and feel beautiful to you. You could use your favourite essential oils, rose would work really well here but use anything that you love the scent of. Feel free to use candles or incense too.

Step 2 – Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Connect to the space in the centre of your chest, your heart space, connect to the deep inner knowing of your heart, begin to tune into feelings of love and magnify those feelings of love growing & expanding from the heart space, expand this feeling and begin to invite the feelings of love for yourself & your body to enter every cell & space in your body. Spend a few moments with this feeling.

Ask yourself how can I be kinder to myself and my body? How can I show myself more self love & appreciation. Spend as long as you like in meditation pondering these questions, when you feel ready gently bring you awareness back into the room and jot down what came up for you, if nothing came up then that's fine, perhaps something will come to you at a later time.

Step 3 – Grab your favourite body oil or lotion and begin to apply to your body, take time, use slow mindful movements. As you apply the oil to each part of your body say thank you to that part of your body. Thank it for all that it does for you, it's good health & function and everything that it allows you to do. Really feel the appreciation as you do this. Really take time here to appreciate your body and all that it does for you. Release any judgements that you have for any of your body parts, can you love each part of your body completely?

So now you can either take on the day or drift off to sleep feeling loved and with a deeper appreciation of your body. You can leave your alar on display for as long as you like, it may remind you to come back to the feelings of self love that you generated throughout the meditation. If you go ahead with this ritual i'd love to know how you found it and how you felt afterwards, feel free to email me and let me know!

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